Praise for TOUCHSCREEN (Directed by Arthur Halpern)
  • “Miller delivers the role beautifully, with restraint, quietude and the finesse of a young John Lithgow.”   ANCHORAGE PRESS

Praise for NEW GUY (Siete Machos Films)
  • “Luckily, most of the screen time belongs to Mr. Miller, whose solemn, deadpan performance at times recalls Buster Keaton...”   THE NEW YORK TIMES

  • “...lensing, design and music choices are sharp, ditto Miller’s understated perf.”   VARIETY

  • “Bilge Ebiri’s very stylish dark comedy chronicles an office drone named Gregg (Kelly Miller in a tour de force turn)...”   SYRACUSE NEW TIMES

  • “Kelly Miller as Gregg offers up a nuanced, must-see comic performance reminiscent of Buster Keaton in this tautly edited, laugh-out-loud tale...”   CENTRAL STANDARD FILM FESTIVAL

  • “Kelly Miller, as the new guy who arrives to find his desk covered, literally, with Post-Its, is a deadpan hoot.”   PIONEER PRESS

  • “New Guy is, quite honestly, remarkable.  And who is this Kelly Miller guy?  He’s absolutely great.”   ONLINE FILM JOURNAL​


Praise for STRANGE RAIN (FringeNYC)
  • “There are two lively cast standouts – ensemble members J. J. Pyle and Kelly Miller take on a handful of smaller parts each, and especially shine as a pair of perky meteorologists and weather reporters covering the freak rainy spell.  Miller, in particular, nails the exact brand of smarm unique to weather casters, and at one point even has the kind of weather-induced meltdown you’ve always wanted to see from Al Roker.”   NYTHEATRE.COM


Praise for I.E. IN OTHER WORDS (The Flea Theater)
  • “Actors also have the opportunity to play a wide variety of hammy hipsters, like Kelly Miller, who kills as a semiotics instructor.”   NEW THEATRE CORPS

Praise for THE CRACKWALKER (Access Theatre)
  • “Kelly transforms himself every time I see him, from head to toe, and is a true character actor.  His depiction of a mentally simple man who marries a mentally challenged girl only to bring on catastrophe when they decide to raise a child against the advise of doctors and social workers, was detailed, yet utterly natural.”   MICHAEL J AT THE THEATRE


Praise for THE ENDS OF THE EARTH (Sanford Meisner Theatre)
  • “But it is Kelly Miller who steals the night. Each one of his characters is so distinctly peculiar. He also wins the night for most characters played at no fewer than eight.”   NYTHEATRE.COM


Praise for BOOK OF DAYS (Stella Adler Studio Theatre)
  • “Among the ensemble, who all deliver solid performances, Kelly Miller stands out as Len Hoch.”   OFFOFFONLINE.COM

Praise for SEARCH AND DESTROY (Kraine Theatre)
  • “Kelly Miller anchors the show as Martin, appearing in every scene and on stage virtually every minute of the play.  It’s a workout of a role, and Miller creates a character whom we can empathize with even as we see whatever we thought we admired in him melt away as the story grows more sour and savage.”   NYTHEATRE.COM

Praise for SHOPPING AND FUCKING (Theater 22)
  • “...five extraordinary actors...This is as good an ensemble as you will find anywhere on stage in New York.  This is a must-see.”   NYTHEATRE.COM

  • “...abetted splendidly by Kelly Miller as the sweet-natured but battle-scarred Robbie.”   NYTHEATRE.COM

  • “The cast is damn near perfect.”   MATINEE MAGAZINE

  • “...Robbie (Miller), recounting the incident in a scene both chilling and hilarious...”   TIME OUT